Why do my Wisdom Teeth hurt? Reason #1

Why do your wisdom teeth hurt!?  Because they hate you?  Because they are cursed?  For no discernible reason at all?  Sometimes it truly feels that way.  But usually there is a reason for the pain.

Impacted Wisdom ToothREASON #1:  Soft Tissue Pain and Infection

Oftentimes the wisdom tooth only partially erupts.  When this happens you will notice that part of the tooth is in your mouth while part is still covered with gums  (see the picture at right).  This hurts because bacteria can accumulate under the gums and cause swelling.  Have you felt like your wisdom tooth was moving up and down?  It really isn’t moving, but the tissue over the tooth is swelling up with infection and then bursting.  That is why to you it feels like your tooth is moving up and down!

Sometimes this condition can be remedied by simply removing the tissue around the tooth; however, more often than not, the only remedy is the removal of the tooth!

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2 Responses to Why do my Wisdom Teeth hurt? Reason #1

  1. Darlis Garcia says:

    Does this wisdom tissue around the skin also cause you to get fever, sore throat and headaches? I had these symptoms and the tissue hurt when i ate because I was also chewing the swollen gum with my teeth.

    • Darlis,
      Actually it can! It is not uncommon for patients to have a soar throat because of the infection leaking down their throat from the infected wisdom tooth. Once the tissue is swollen, chewing on it just keeps it that way! It becomes a vicious cycle that is usually best solved by removing the tooth.
      Dr. Hendrickson

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