Who is Dr. Wisdom Teeth?

Hendrickson Family Photo

Dr. Hendrickson and his family

Who is Dr. Wisdom Teeth? His name is Heath Hendrickson and he resides in Pleasant Grove, Utah with his wife Karissa and their six children. He is a dad and husband first and a wisdom tooth doctor second! Though he loves wisdom teeth, they pale in comparison to his beautiful family!

Dr. Hendrickson trained at Creighton University Dental School where he graduated in 2002. He practiced restorative dentistry for six years in Lindon,Utah. While practicing in Lindon, Dr. Hendrickson opened a dental assisting school and trained assistants for several years. He purchased WISDOM TEETH ONLY in 2007 and since then has dedicated himself to the removal of wisdom teeth.  Since opening his practice in 2002, Dr. Hendrickson has removed over 25,000 wisdom teeth!

Dr. Hendrickson enjoys reading and any activity that involves spending time with his wife and kids.  As you can imagine, six kids keeps he and his wife busy!  “Life is about family!”  The Hendrickson family enjoys skiing, boating, camping and just being together at home!

Dr. Wisdom Teeth operates offices in Utah, Salt Lake and Davis counties under the local name “Wisdom Teeth Only™”  Dr. Hendrickson and his team consistently strive to provide their patients with exceptional quality and an unbelievable price.

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