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Heath Hendrickson, DDS is the doctor at Wisdom Teeth Only in Provo, Salt Lake City and Layton Utah.  Over the past several years he has transformed his practice, Wisdom Teeth Only into the premier clinic for the removal of wisdom teeth.  Because of this focus, he is known to many as “Dr. Wisdom Teeth”.  This blog is dedicated to his practice and helping his patients, both current and future, to understand more about why we have wisdom teeth and why having them removed is nothing to be afraid of.

You can contact Dr. Hendrickson directly at drh@drwisdomteeth.com, via his website at www.drwisdomteeth.com or by contacting his office at
(801) 370-0050.

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  1. Tracy Folsom says:

    I called your office just within the hour, and just expressed my support of the wonderful job he did extracting my daughters wisdom teeth. I am just appalled at the sign that I saw on the freeway this morning. The sign stated that he was not an oral surgeon. Yes, his patient understand that and are pleased not to have to pay oral surgeon prices for a simple case of wisdom teeth removal. We were well informed of his credentials. I was very offended, by the company who allow such a posting and those who would try to discredit another competitor by paying for such an ad.
    You have my support.

    Sincerely Tracy

    • Tracy,
      It sincerely lifted my spirits to see your unsolicited post. Thank you for your support. I work with a remarkable team and we are doing our very best to provide an honest, quality and reasonably priced service to the families of Utah.
      The billboard you are referring to was placed and paid for by ten Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons in Utah County. They have formed a business, (Trooth, LLC) that apparently has only one purpose — to denigrate my team and those who consciously choose my team to remove their wisdom teeth.
      Each of these doctors is outstanding in their field and as such it is discouraging that they would take action as they have.
      As a General Dentist, I am licensed and trained to remove third molars (or Wisdom Teeth). I have now removed over 50,000 wisdom teeth. I hope to be able to continue to provide this service for years to come.
      Again, thank you for your support.
      Dr. Heath Hendrickson

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