Does the idea of getting your Wisdom Teeth removed scare you to death?

If you are frightened by the thought of having your wisdom teeth removed, then count yourself as NORMAL!  It is estimated that as many as 75% of US adults experience some degree of dental fear, from mild to severe.  75%!!  THAT IS A HUGE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE!  So, take a deep breath and realize that there is nothing wrong with you.  There is even a name for this fear:  Dental Phobia.

In many cases, dental phobia begins when we are children.  A bad visit to the dentist can effect you for the rest of your life.  Or, maybe you are simply fearful of the procedure itself, not necessarily the dentist.

There are a number of ways to deal with your fear of having your wisdom teeth removed.  Today, the most popular method of dealing with fear is SEDATION DENTISTRY.

Sedation dentistry is simply the process of having your dentistry completed while you sleep.  Trained dentists, surgeons and anesthesia specialists can make your wisdom teeth removal surgery as relaxing as an afternoon nap!

Usually, the anesthesia specialist administers a series of medications that cause you to relax and forget your fear of the dentist before you gently fall asleep.  And in the blink of an eye, you are done…your teeth are removed and you are ready to go home.

But maybe even the drive to the dental office throws you into fits!  No problem, your doctor can prescribe a medication that you can take at home before coming to the office.  These medications will insure that you are relaxed even before leaving your home.  (Be sure and have someone else drive you to your appointment!  You will be so relaxed your fear of ending up on the side of the road in a ditch will also be impaired!)

At Dr. Wisdom Teeth, we remove all wisdom teeth under anesthesia.  You are cared for by our Anesthesia Specialist in addition to our nurses and Dentist.  The surgery takes only a few minutes and generally the patient is conscious and ready to leave for home in under one hour.

Wisdom Teeth removal doesn’t have to be frightening.  It can be a positive experience.  Let us show you how!

Dr. Hendrickson @ Dr. Wisdom Teeth/Wisdom Teeth Only™

Dr. Hendrickson is a general dentist.  He operates a practice limited to the removal of third molars (wisdom teeth) in Provo, Layton and Salt Lake City, Utah.

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What Can I Do to Improve My Dental Health?

What Can I Do to Improve My Dental Health?

Because I am a dentist, I am often asked the question, “What can I do to improve my dental health?”  Dental health is an important part of our overall well being.  Poor dental health can result in a decrease in your quality of life (believe me, eating that prime USDA steak is a real drag with dentures!)  Poor dental health can also be very expensive.  With the cost of dentistry increasing each year, it becomes more important that we treat our dental health as a valuable investment – one that would be expensive to replace.  And we are all familiar with the discomfort that poor dental health can cause.  When was the last time you heard someone rant and rave about how much he or she enjoyed a root canal treatment?

As a dental health professional, I am happy to share with patients, friends and family a few tips I have learned that can drastically improve their dental health.

  1. You (not your dentist) are responsible for your dental health.  A healthy mouth begins and ends at home.
  2. The most effective solutions are usually the simplest.  Brushing twice each day and flossing once a day will do more than any other thing to improve your dental health.
  3. In today’s world, many adults and teenagers have replaced water with soda pop!  In America today, this stuff is destroying our teeth.  If you are serious about your dental health then it is time to change your addiction to good old-fashioned water!  Put down the big gulp and pick up the Dasani!
  4. Not surprisingly, many of the reasons our nation is getting bigger around the waist are also the reasons that our dental health is failing.  I guess it makes sense that before we add it to our hips it had to pass our lips!  Constant snacking on sugary treats creates an environment in our mouth that causes the destruction of our teeth and gums.  Improve your dental health (and your waistline) by snacking on carrots, celery, cucumbers and other vegetables!
  5. Develop a relationship with a dentist you trust.  Your dentist should be your ally when it comes to your dental health.  Regular checkups will find problems while they are still small and inexpensive to correct.  If you aren’t visiting your dentist regularly then your battle with dental health is guaranteed to be an expensive one!  Your dentist can recommend a dental health program tailored to your needs, budget and desire!

Your dental health is important.  Don’t wait!  Do something now!  Your mouth will thank you; your pocket book will thank you and the next person you kiss will thank me!

Dr. Hendrickson is a general dentist.  He operates a practice limited to the removal of third molars in Provo and Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Wisdom Teeth Information in Utah

Wisdom Teeth in Utah by Wisdom Teeth Only

Wisdom teeth are the third molars and usually appear between the ages of 16 and 24. Wisdom teeth are commonly extracted when they affect other teeth—this impaction is colloquially known as “coming in sideways.” Most people have four wisdom teeth, but it is possible to have more or fewer. Absence of one or more wisdom teeth is an example of hypodontia. Any extra wisdom teeth are referred to as supernumerary wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Impactions

Impacted wisdom teeth fall into one of several categories. Mesioangular impaction is the most common form (44%), and means the tooth is angled forward, towards the front of the mouth. Vertical impaction (38%) occurs when the formed tooth does not erupt fully through the gum line. Distoangular impaction (6%) means the tooth is angled backward, towards the rear of the mouth. And finally, Horizontal impaction (3%) is the least common form, which occurs when the tooth is angled fully ninety degrees forward, growing into the roots of the second molar.

Typically distoangular impactions are the easiest to extract in the maxilla and most difficult to extract in the mandible, while mesioangular impactions are the most difficult to extract in the maxilla and easiest to extract in the mandible.

Impacted wisdom teeth may also be categorized on whether they are still completely encased in the jawbone. If wisdom teeth are completely encased in the jawbone, it is a bony impaction. If the wisdom teeth have erupted out of the jawbone but not through the gumline, it is called a soft tissue impaction.

Sometimes the wisdom tooth fails to erupt completely through the gum bed and the gum at the back of the wisdom tooth extends over the biting surface, forming a soft tissue flap or lid around the tooth called an operculum. Teeth covered by an operculum can be difficult to clean with a toothbrush. Additional cleaning techniques can include using a needle-less plastic syringe to vigorously wash the tooth with moderately pressured water or to softly wash it with hydrogen peroxide.

However, debris and bacteria can easily accumulate under an operculum, which may cause pericoronitis, a common infection problem in young adults with partial impactions that is often exacerbated by occlusion with opposing 3rd or 2nd molars. Common symptoms include a swelling and redness of the gum around the eruption site, difficulty in opening the mouth, a bad odor or taste in the mouth, and pain in the general area which may also run down the entire lower jaw or possibly the neck. Untreated pericoronitis can progress to a much more severe infection.

If the operculum does not disappear, recommended treatment is extraction of the wisdom tooth. An alternative treatment involving removal of the operculum, called operculectomy, has been advocated. There is a high risk of permanent or temporary numbness of the tongue due to damage of the nerve with this treatment and it is no longer recommended as a standard treatment in oral surgery.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction  or Removal

A wisdom tooth is extracted or removed to correct an actual problem or to prevent problems that may come up in the future. Wisdom teeth are extracted or removed for two general reasons: either the wisdom teeth have already become impacted, or the wisdom teeth could potentially become problematic if not extracted. Potential problems caused by the presence of properly grown-in wisdom teeth include infections caused by food particles easily trapped in the jaw area behind the wisdom teeth where regular brushing and flossing is difficult and ineffective. Such infections may be frequent, and cause considerable pain and medical danger. Another reason to have wisdom teeth removed is if the teeth have grown in improperly, causing the tongue to brush up against them. The tongue can tolerate it for a limited time, until it causes a painful sensation, to the point where the sheer pain can numb the tongue affected, and the area around it (part of the lips, and the cheek). The numbness feels similar to the feeling of anesthesia, possibly meaning a nerve can be affected by the wisdom tooth improperly growing in. Also, it is a wise choice to have wisdom teeth removed if undergoing extensive orthodontic work because once the teeth have come in they could inflict some damage on expensive straightening.

The extraction of wisdom teeth should only be performed by dental professionals with proper training and experience performing such extractions. The precise reasons why an individual’s wisdom teeth need to be extracted should be explained to them by their dentist, after an examination of their wisdom teeth which almost certainly will need to include x-rays. A panoramic x-ray (aka “panorex”) is the best x-ray to view wisdom teeth and diagnose their problems.

Text available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

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Why do my Wisdom Teeth hurt? Reason #2

Why do your wisdom teeth hurt!?  Because they hate you?  Because they are cursed?  For no discernible reason at all?  Sometimes it truly feels that way.  But usually there is a reason for the pain.

Wisdom Tooth with a cavity!

REASON #2:  Your Wisdom Tooth has a Cavity!

Yes, it really can happen, wisdom teeth do get cavities!  When a wisdom tooth begins to erupt, it becomes exposed to the bacteria in the mouth.  These bacteria will cause the wisdom tooth to decay!  More often then not, your wisdom teeth are very hard to clean and so the bacteria flourish.

You may opt to have your wisdom tooth fixed with a filling; however, the expense and inconvenience are rarely worth the effort.  (And believe me, we dentists don’t like to do fillings that far back in the mouth!!)  It is difficult for the dentist to insure a quality restoration on a decaying third molar.

The solution?  Get it out!

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Why do my Wisdom Teeth hurt? Reason #1

Why do your wisdom teeth hurt!?  Because they hate you?  Because they are cursed?  For no discernible reason at all?  Sometimes it truly feels that way.  But usually there is a reason for the pain.

Impacted Wisdom ToothREASON #1:  Soft Tissue Pain and Infection

Oftentimes the wisdom tooth only partially erupts.  When this happens you will notice that part of the tooth is in your mouth while part is still covered with gums  (see the picture at right).  This hurts because bacteria can accumulate under the gums and cause swelling.  Have you felt like your wisdom tooth was moving up and down?  It really isn’t moving, but the tissue over the tooth is swelling up with infection and then bursting.  That is why to you it feels like your tooth is moving up and down!

Sometimes this condition can be remedied by simply removing the tissue around the tooth; however, more often than not, the only remedy is the removal of the tooth!

If your wisdom teeth are hurting, call our office (801) 370-0050 for an appointment today!

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Paw Power 5k & Wisdom Teeth Only

Wisdom Teeth Only is proud to be the key sponsor for the Grovecrest Elementary Paw Power 5k Run on April 30, 2010.  We love to help out where we can and since Dr. Hendrickson has three children attending Grovecrest Elementary during the current year, this seemed like a great event to support.   The 5k is a fundraiser designed to earn money towards setting up a music lab for Grovecrest Elementary.  Hopefully, with enough participation, Grovecrest will be able to buy 12 pianos, new computers and software for the music lab.

The race starts at 8am on April 30, 2011 at the Pleasant Grove Jr. High Track.  Register at  or contact Aimee Chariton @ (801) 369-0204


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Wisdom Teeth Only™ and Dr. Wisdom Teeth

Some people are confused by our internet advertising under “Dr. Wisdom Teeth.”  Patients and friends in Utah know us as “Wisdom Teeth Only™”  WE ARE ONE AND THE SAME! Because of licensing rights, Dr. Hendrickson strictly uses the brand name “Wisdom Teeth Only” to advertise in the State of Utah.  All national advertising (and that includes internet) is done under the name “Dr. Wisdom Teeth”.   Dr. Hendrickson performs all surgeries for the Dr. Wisdom Teeth brand and the Wisdom Teeth Only brand in northern Utah.  So you are guaranteed the same low price and the same high quality regardless of which wisdom teeth brand you schedule with!

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Who is Dr. Wisdom Teeth?

Hendrickson Family Photo

Dr. Hendrickson and his family

Who is Dr. Wisdom Teeth? His name is Heath Hendrickson and he resides in Pleasant Grove, Utah with his wife Karissa and their six children. He is a dad and husband first and a wisdom tooth doctor second! Though he loves wisdom teeth, they pale in comparison to his beautiful family!

Dr. Hendrickson trained at Creighton University Dental School where he graduated in 2002. He practiced restorative dentistry for six years in Lindon,Utah. While practicing in Lindon, Dr. Hendrickson opened a dental assisting school and trained assistants for several years. He purchased WISDOM TEETH ONLY in 2007 and since then has dedicated himself to the removal of wisdom teeth.  Since opening his practice in 2002, Dr. Hendrickson has removed over 25,000 wisdom teeth!

Dr. Hendrickson enjoys reading and any activity that involves spending time with his wife and kids.  As you can imagine, six kids keeps he and his wife busy!  “Life is about family!”  The Hendrickson family enjoys skiing, boating, camping and just being together at home!

Dr. Wisdom Teeth operates offices in Utah, Salt Lake and Davis counties under the local name “Wisdom Teeth Only™”  Dr. Hendrickson and his team consistently strive to provide their patients with exceptional quality and an unbelievable price.

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Wisdom Teeth Only starts a blog!!

Hello everyone! We are so proud of what we do at Wisdom Teeth Only. We provide a great service at a great price. We only do one procedure, you guessed it ‘Wisdom Teeth’. We perform all of our services under IV sedation for your comfort and convenience. Having your wisdom teeth removed shouldn’t break the bank. We are proud to accept your insurance, including Utah Medicaid, to provide you and your family with the best care possible. If you don’t have insurance, we will insure that you are given a price you can afford.

Dr. Hendrickson and our team unitedly maintain this blog. Check back for interesting facts and information about wisdom teeth, our team, our patients and everything ‘wisdom teeth’.

Remember Wisdom Teeth Only for wisdom teeth done right and at the right price!

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